About Us

Since 1992, TASKINLAR FLOUR MILLS is one of the prominent company into flour milllig industry of Turkey, specializing in the production of high protein wheat flour for bakeries, industrial producers and distributors all over the world.

The facility is situated in the north-west of Turkey with 10.000 processing capacity per month. Equipped with high technology machinery, quality control laboratory, packaging and bakery units, TFM ensures consistent quality and hygine standards for all your shipments in compliance with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005,and HALAL.

Thanks to customer oriented structure TFM listens your expectations attentively by visiting your own prouction lines and provides you the best wheat flour you need at the most competitive prices.

TFM, has a wide range of wheat flour varieties including for biscuit, noodle, all types of bakery, aqua feed and customized as non bromate, unbleached, non gmo.

TFM products currently are available in 50 different countries placed in Africa, South East Asia, Pacific Ocean, Middle East and Caribbean Sea under Taskınlarun brand and private labels.