TASKINLAR FLOUR MILLS prefers and blends only the highest quality of Turkish Thrace/Anatolian, Russian, Kazakhstan, and European origin wheat in the manufacturing process of flour since the wheat has been grown, stored in high standards and also specified as non-GMO in all these countries.

In the first instance, purchased wheat is analysed by our laboratory which has been equipped with the latest techonology and classified regarding to application areas in silos. Shortly after, cleaned, blended with the special formulas according to the required quality and needs of the customers.

During all phases of the production, the important quality control parameters such as wet gluten, protein, ash, moisture, water absorption, energy, and elasticity of the flour are performed frequently to ensure the best quality and complete customer satisfaction.

Eventually, the produced flour is automatically packaged, shipped inside the clean containers and delivered on time to the customers with the supervision of the international first class GAFTA&FOSFA member inspection companies.